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Providing diversified investment opportunities for a bright future

Rheos Capital Works has recently shifted to a group management structure and established a new holding company, SBI RHEOS HIFUMI Inc.

Founded in 2003 with the management philosophy of "contributing to society through capital markets, "Rheos Capital Works strives to realize a prosperous society through financial inclusion. We have endeavored to offer investment opportunities to wide range of customers and spread the magic of investment to every corner by emphasizing the importance of investments in installments, which can be started with a small amount of money.

The recent conversion to a holding company was implemented as a means to achieve this goal of spreading the magic of investment to every corner.

In my opinion, the Japanese economy is currently likely to be reaching a turning point from deflation to inflation. Assets such as stocks and real estate tend to rise in value in inflationary times, which is advantageous to those who hold own assets. On the other hand, those who do not invest and hold their assets in cash and deposits may see their assets diminish in value. In other words, the disparity between those who invest and those who do not is expected to widen in the future. Unfortunately, however, there is deep-rooted stigma in Japan that "investment is evil" and "investment is a money game," and many people are reluctant or hesitant to invest. With this current situation before us, I feel that we need to further strengthen our activities to convey the true meaning of investment and spread its magic to every corner.

To achieve financial inclusion, SBI RHEOS HIFUMI was established with the aim of aligning the strengths of asset management companies with different characteristics from Rheos Capital Works, various financial services, Fintech, and the like. The new company name reflects our ambition to continue to value our strengths; namely, being in the SBI Group, having a tradition as Rheos Capital Works, and possessing a main brand named Hifumi.

Moving to a holding company structure will enable us to dynamically form capital and business alliances with a variety of partners. I am confident that this will not only benefit our shareholders, but also bring us closer to achieving financial inclusion in the sense that it will increase our potential to provide a wide range of investment opportunities to investors in society. We are determined to continue to take on challenges more proactively and boldly than before and to make this holding company conversion a big step toward realizing active investment in its original sense of creating a brighter future.

Representative Director, Chairman,Presisent, Group CEO

Hideto Fujino